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Optimizing your google my business listing

Google my business or GMB for short is one of the fastest growing ways to market your business. Many businesses don’t take full advantage of this and are missing out on lots of potential customers. Before you can worry about how to get your listing into the coveted top three in the map pack you need to make sure that you have your listing optimized. If you pair this with great SEO you website will be on the top of Google searches twice!

Google is a well oiled machine that has to go through countless business listings to put the most relevant and trusted listings in front of searchers. So it goes without saying that Google doesn’t want you to waste its time. What we mean by this is they are not going to be asking you to put information on your business listing that they do not want or need to make their decision on what listing to put in the top 3. The most important thing is make sure that your listing is completely filled out and no spaces for information are left blank. If you are not giving Google all the information they need to rank their listings then you will not find yourself in the top spot.

Photos and reviews will bring you to the top

I’m sure everyone knows how important it is to have good 5 star reviews on your business listing, but few companies actively try to get more. Unfortunately we live in a fast paced world where people don’t want to go through the extra effort to help a business that they enjoyed. This doesn’t mean they didn’t like the product or service they just don’t want to waste time looking up and finding where to leave the review. A tip we like to give to increase reviews is to send a follow up email with a link, or a thank you paper/business card that has a QR code linked to your review page on your listing. When you can make it that easy for them to leave a review and actually ask for it, people will be more inclined to leave a good review.

Aside from scrolling reviews of a potential business, people will also go through the photographs on a business listing to see what they will be getting. With a lot of business being done over the phone or internet now a days people still like to see actual pictures of the products or services that you will be offering. If you are looking to create you google my business listing you can make one for free here

How to set your business apart

What can I do to improve my google my business listing?

There are many tips and tricks to get your listing into the top three on the map pack. We aren’t going to bore you with all the details and our secrets, but here a a few factors to improving your listing.

Name Address Phone Number Matching Everywhere
Geotagged Photos
5 Star Reviews
Fully Complete Listing

Google My business for your company

As we like to start all of our digital marketing services we will get on a phone or video call to go over your business needs and goals. This will help us to drive the right traffic to your listing and market to warmed up buyer intent people. By getting to know your business first we are able to optimize your Google my business listing without loosing your brand identity.

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