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behind the scenes at Riverbend Digital Solutions

We Are Riverbend Digital Solutions

We take pride in our work and our customer first mentality. Helping our customers grow their businesses and reach their goals is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

One of our mottos is “More clicks, more clients, more money” and we help businesses achieve this daily.

Digital Lovers

Our world is going more and more digital with each passing day. That is why we want to help businesses grow in this digital world to reach their true potential.


When you sign on as one of our clients we are determined to bring you success above and beyond your dreams. Nothing will stop us from making your dreams realities.


We are firm believers in constantly learning to stay ahead of the curve. We spend countless hours researching and learning new techniques to keep your business on top.


As with most things in life communication is key. We strive to have open communication with all of our clients to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Work Ethic

Nothing in life comes easy, and we believe that our work ethics are what set us apart from our competitors.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We want to make your dreams come true

We like to really get to know the businesses that we work with. To us you are not just another number, rather another success story that we can be a part of.

Meet the owner

The face behind Riverbend digital solutions

Mitchell Bassett


Hey, This is Mitch here. Just wanted to give you a little back story so you can know a little more about me. I started online businesses about 7 years ago and learned the first few years through the school of hard knocks (in my opinion one of the best ways to learn). I soon realized that I had to invest in myself to get the results that I wanted. I spent hours of schooling and learning from my mentors. I soon realized that there were a lot of businesses that were learning from the same school of hard knocks that I went to and needed some help. That is when Riverbend Digital Solutions was born. A way to help other business owners reach their full potential.

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